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AsianOPS, Ltd. | Technical Sourcing

Who, What, When, Where, How?

AsianOPS leads technical sourcing projects to quote and procure electronic and mechanical components, tooling, and manufacturing services in China and SE Asia.

We deliver outstanding results for cost, quality, flexibility, and delivery speed. Clients include design firms, corporate engineering departments, and global sourcing teams.

Requirements, Business Case, Executive Support

Critical success factors driving the best outcome in technical sourcing projects include:
  1. Clearly defined requirements and target outcomes
  2. Development of a sourcing plan to fit requirements and deliver outcomes
  3. Building a compelling business case to share with potential suppliers
  4. Gaining supplier executive support for the project
  5. Possessing analytic insight into expected product cost
  6. Strategic negotiation to achieve targets for cost, quality, flexibility, speed
In the best case scenerio, our technical sourcing projects are started with clearly defined requirements. However, it is often the case that our design & engineering clients are iterating to the best real world solution and need our help to get there.

Case project:


AO Technical Sourcing Activities

We can start with top level soft requirements, canvass the product offering from a set of companies meeting the initial soft requirements, manage potential suppliers to deliver samples, and finally guide our client team to select the best fit technical product from a supplier that makes good business sense.
  • Define the product requirements
  • Develop a move-forward sourcing plan
  • Identify a set of factory sources for the technical product
  • Develop an analytical cost model to estimate the prodcut cost
  • Connect with and visit the potential suppliers
  • Present a compelling business case to the supplier executive management
  • Procure and ship product samples for client inspection and testing
  • Competitively quote the product and secure the best price quote for our client

Examples of products and processes we have experience with:

  • AC/DC converters, switching power supplies
  • Brushed and brushless DC motors (BLDC)
  • CB Certification (safety) and EMC testing
  • Power & signal cabling, connectors (JST, AMP, Tyco)
  • Carbon fiber materials, glass reinforced plastic
  • Capacitor, Diodes,Resistors,IC,Transistors,Inductors
  • Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC)
  • Flat glass, tempered, laminated, mirrors, IG windows
  • Injection molding, blow molding, rubber molding
  • NAND flash memory, microSDHC memory
  • Rigid and Flexible PCB, quickturn
  • Sheetmetal, progressive stamping, laser cutting, welding
  • SMD switches and buttons, LED, LCD
  • UL 94 V-0 materials, such as strain reliefs and soundproofing

We have many established sourcing relationships in China



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