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AsianOPS, Ltd. | Strategic Selections

Increased Scope, Complexity, Magnitude

We solve complex product sourcing and business selection decisions, for example, choosing a contract manufacturer in China, business process outsourcing partner, or product distribution partner in China.

The scope of strategic selection projects usually require a duration of one to four months, depending on country, industry, complexity, and financial magnitude.

Case project:


Phase Gate Project Approach

Phase 1 - Develop Timeline, Criterion, Milestones

AsianOPS will lead the development of a detailed project plan, create multiple sets of key decision point criterion, and outline team action items, tasks, resources, risks, and milestones that will move the project to successful completion.

In a structured strategic selection project, it's likely an RFQ will be developed and a set of potential business partners will be outlined and engaged.

Phase 2 - Drive To Project Completion

AsianOPS will drive to complete Asian based diligence activities, guide the project with structured meetings during times that fit client schedules, provide fact-based analysis & management deliverables, and lead the team to reach the down-select decision.

Examples of Structured Selections include:

  • Leading internal team to prepare for an eventual manufacturing outsource & supply chain cut-over while simultaneously selecting an Electronics Manufacturing Services partner.
  • Selecting a Chinese joint venture partner, structuring a 100 day plan to guide the initial operating relationship, and completing business partnership terms & agreements.
  • Identifying strategic M&A targets in a industry sector allowing market entry, initiating contact, drafting terms, reaching a move forward decision.

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