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AsianOPS, Ltd. | AsianOPS Assessments

Research & Operations Support Projects

AsianOPS Assessments are generally Asian based research and operations support projects to provide your team with the fact based information that they need while reducing or eliminating the need for executive travel to Asia.

We will partner with your team to understand the issues, develop a set of move-forward key criterion, and jointly agree on the structure and timeline of the deliverables. These highly flexible engagements will usually require 3 days to 4 weeks in duration.

Quality, Speed, Value

AsianOps will provide structured objective assessments at a higher quality than internal teams are likely to deliver alone, at a speed that allows you to make decisions sooner, and at a cost that creates multiples of value.

Examples of AsianOps Assessments include:

  • Rapid Assessment of a set of China based suppliers, factories, or potential service providers to build ASL list.

  • Business case research and deliverables to evaluate feasibility, risk, and cost analysis questions.

  • Supply chain or quality process evaluations for existing Asian suppliers with a proposed move forward plan.

  • Director led pre-shipment quality audits for critical shipments or deliveries coming from Asia.

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